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July 12, 2006


Singer Yells at Musicians
It's like Dad yelling at the dinner table ...

HIGHLAND PARK, Illinois ... Holy shit, be glad you're not playing in Paul Anka's backing band. The smart asses at Noisetank are featuring a killer audio post where you can hear Anka ream his band out because one or two guys wore tee shirts on stage. The singer wants the fellows spiffed up in shirts not tee shirts. "That's just the fucking way it is," he bellows.

Then Anka jumps on the musicians for arrangement clams - specifically at the end of My Way. Ha, ha, ha, those poor bastards take it all and more.

"When you guys get your checks, do they cash? Is the money good?"

Yes, Mr. Anka - thank you, Mr. Anka.

"That's just the fucking way it is," the singer tells them over and over after threatening their jobs, ha, ha, ha.

Be glad you're just a roadie for a local band.

Fucking Paul Anka yelling at musicians - what a hoot.


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