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July 13, 2006


Happy Birthday
Erno Rubik
Still can’t figure the guy out …

The inventor of possibly the most original of all puzzles, Rubik’s Cube, turns 62 today.

Back in Budapest 1974, Rubik was a lecturer in the Department of Interior Design at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts. It was there he designed and played with the Cube’s prototype after studying the simple beauty of pebbles at the edge of the Danube.

Abstract and cerebral, it was patented in Hungary one year later. Friends who tried it were fascinated and engaged and urged Rubik to manufacture and sell it in his homeland where it became a big hit with the cobbled road set.

Rubik eventually pitched it to Ideal Toys in America in ’79 and a year or so later – right time, right place - sales went through the roof. Everybody was working the Cube, working the Cube, working the Cube until eventually the fad died a slow death as most fads do.

But it made its inventor a millionaire many times over.

Unfortunately, his next creation – Rubik’s Ball – proved too high-concept and failed miserably. The public wasn't ready for a red ball made out of rubber even if it did have the Rubik name on it. Red rubber balls had been done to death.

And besides, the Pet Rock was the new king.

Erno Rubik hasn't changed much since then; he's still into games and puzzles.

A.) I used to have a Rubik’s Cube.
B.) Yeah, me too.
C.) I traded mine for X-Ray glasses.
A.) I had a pair of those.
B.) Me too.
C.) I’d look right through the teacher’s dress and see her naked.
A.) That was Miss Perchakowski, right?
C.) Oh, yeah.
B.) She had big bazoombas.
C.) We had sex many times ...
A.) What ?! How old were you?
C.) Fourteen.
A.) Dude ... Miss Perchakowski was 82 years old.
B.) Whoa - how could you?
C.) Hey, you had sex with a priest in grade school, didn't you?
A.) Well, yeah - but that's different.
B.) Wait, wait ... now I'm remembering something ...
C.) What?
B.) I think I saw Miss Perchakowski blow a priest.
A.) What?
B.) I can't remember for sure. It was so long ago ...
C.) I should have kept my Rubik's Cube.


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