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July 10, 2006


7 / 10 / 89
"That's all, folks!"

... Behind every great cartoon character is a great voice. Mel Blanc was the best of the best: Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Road Runner, Foghorn Leghorn, Tasmanian Devil, Barney Rubble … and too many more to mention on a Monday.

This man was born in San Francisco on May 30, 1908 and passed on 81 years later, killed by heart disease in 1989.

A.) It's important we don't forget Mel Blanc.
B.) An extremely talented artist.
C.) Nice way to start a week ...
A.) I'm hungover.
B.) Oh man, me too.
C.) Me three.
A.) Not funny, dumbass.
B.) What a stupid letter.
C.) Hey, I'm hungover.


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