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June 06, 2006


Marty Sherman’s
Nose To Grindstone
6-6-06 Just Another Day
At The Office
For Funnyman

It’s good to be back behind my desk here at the LadyBomb offices even if everybody’s giving me the cold shoulder. I couldn’t care less.

I slept in my own bed for a few days, ate some choice food and had my fill of liquor and women.

Pat picked me up from jail and escorted me straight to the Men’s Warehouse for some new threads (I’m pretty much an off-the-rack fit in the short and stocky department), then down to Eight Mile, where we made the lap dance circuit.

We started at The Coliseum with a 12 oz. strip steak, some cold Coronas and the lovely Alana, Mindy and Diamond (oooh, so nice), before working our way west and landing at the Platinum Club around 10 pm, where we finished the night with shots of Patron in the VIP, while grinding and grabbing with Lady B, Mystery (I came), Cocoa and Peaches (Pat came).

Somewhere in between I lost my underwear, the new Perry Ellis tie that Pat bought me and whatever crumbs that were left of my innocence.

It’s pretty much a blur to me now, but it was just what I needed to get the taste of jail out of my mouth.

I slept all weekend, took Monday off and now here I am, you pricks. Fresh as a daisy on the Devil’s Day. ... (MARTY SHERMAN)

A.) Welcome back, fucker.
B.) Who are you calling a prick, you prick?
C.) I know the fucker’s not talking to me.


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