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June 12, 2006



You may be too cool to admit it, but you've got to love the new Paris Hilton track, Stars Are Blind. It's Blondie's The Tide is High for the 21st century. Always good to see Paris with clothes on and not blowing and screwing young billionaires all over the world.


Sure hope I spell the 'Guggenheim' in Guggenheim Museum correctly when I give up the link for the new Jackson Pollocks hanging over there. They're works on paper and the show's called No Limits, Just Edges. Jack the Dripper, indeed.


Here's Paul McCartney in one of the best things he's done: Macca makes mashed potatoes for ten minutes. I wish it weren't true but it is ... I can't believe I watched the whole entertaining mess.

And liked it.

Show me someone that doesn't like mashed spuds and I'll show you a sick fucker.



I'm the kind of sick fucker who'd love to see Paris Hilton spreading mashed potatoes all over Debby Harry, Paul McCartney, Lindsay Lohan, and her own bad sweet labia!
I actually sat there watching that whole damned mashed potatoes video, like maybe I was going to miss an exciting part if I stopped it too early.
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