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June 06, 2006


Jeopardy Jingle Pure Gold
Song Royalties Make Huge Payday For Merv Griffin

In an interview for The Insider Weekend, talk show host and game show creator Merv Griffin (yes, he’s still alive) confirmed that he has made over $60 million dollars in royalties for writing the jingle for Jeopardy.

The game show, also created by Griffin and originally pitched as What’s The Question?, is one of the longest running on television and second in popularity only to Wheel Of Fortune, also a Griffin creation.

Since it was first broadcast in 1964, Jeopardy has been a mainstay on American television, winning more than two dozen Daytime Emmys, and garnering fame for its host, Alex Trebek.

A Best Of DVD set which includes select episodes and the original pilot was issued last year.

Griffin, who will be 81 years-old next month, did the interview aboard his yacht to promote the upcoming DVD release of highlights from his long-running Merv Griffin Show, which ran, off and on, between 1962 and 1972.

While touring the 140' vessel, the former-singer-and-actor-turned-business-mogul dished on his good friend and former first lady Nancy Reagan. "We go out to eat a lot."

Along the way, Griffin also pointed out some of the vessel’s more unusual features, including an all nude gymnasium, a feather bowling alley and a men’s only sauna, where he confesses he likes to "sit and steam for hours."

Before parting Griffin sang the jingle, which he revealed was titled "Do do? Doo doo," then headed off for a Chablis at the poop deck bar, one of three located on the yacht.

A.) I remember Merv. Arthur Treacher was his Ed McMahon.
B.) Oh yeah, the fish-and-chips guy. And Jack Sheldon was the bandleader.
C.) Now to me, Mike Douglas was a better interviewer.


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