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June 15, 2006


First of all, that not my head.
Is that your head?

Toku make joke.


Look Out 4 New Video!
Singer from famous Detroit band, White Stripe, make new video for his band, The Raconteurs, latest single, Steady, As She Goes. It star Jack White and new friend, Pee Wee Herman, who better known as Paul Rewbens. No joke, it true.

Toku know girl with Rubenesque figure ... because she eat too many Ruben!

Mmm, now that a good sandwich.


She Get Blessing in Disguise!
Uh oh, American Idol judge and Hot Chick (some say) Paula Abdul hire 'spiritual guide' to help make her life easier. Her duties will include making diet for her. Must be nice to be needy celebrity.


Up Shit Creek Without Paddle!
Toku hate to say it but washed up rock star Gary Glitter fuck himself up. Court say he still guilty for having sex with 2 very young girl. It sad. Nothing wrong with fuck, shit, piss, skunk, et cetera, but doing something dirty with early vagina is wrong, so wrong. It embarrassing that some people so sick. Maybe that his picture in photograph at top left. Hate to say but Toku hope Glitter rot in prison after guard stick broom handle you-know-where.

He rot in prison - then in HELL.

Toku not joking.


Some of That, Thank You!
In latest Paris Hilton news: Paris meet rich man, drink champagne, screw him, and go home after she back into someone car, ha, ha, ha. But seriously, there is nothing new to know about her but it give us reason to run the hottest chick in the world picture.

That no joke either.

I am your humble servant and dancing monkey. ... (TOKUGAWA MARINSKI)



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