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June 29, 2006


Fat Is Where It’s At
Pass Me A Whopper And Crank Up The Air

A new study published this week in the International Journal of Obesity found that fat people can blame more than lack of exercise and poor diet for their condition.

Anti-depressants, lack of sleep, an increased number of ex-smokers and widespread use of air conditioning were also cited as contributing factors in America’s race to put on the pounds.

Many of these components, such as quitting smoking, have long been understood as causing weight gain, but the use of air conditioning raised a few eyebrows even in the medical community.
The reason, say researchers, is simple. The human body was meant to cool itself by sweating and warm itself by shivering.

Both actions use calories, and sitting in a cool room with air versus sitting in a warm room and sweating actually burns fewer calories.

Nowadays, widespread use of climate control, including the more modern phenomenon of air-conditioning, has made sweating a thing of the past for many Americans. We drive our air-conditioned cars from our air-conditioned houses to air-conditioned supermarkets (which are often uncomfortably cool, by the way) to buy food that is easy to prepare and full of fat. We work in air-conditioned offices and shop at air-conditioned malls.

Experts caution that this new evidence shouldn’t be used as an excuse for being obese, and that overweight people should take matters into their own hands by dieting and getting regular exercise.

A.) So, not only is air-conditioning contributing to global warming, it’s also making us fat?
B.) more ozone layer, no more fat people. Sounds like a plan.
C.) Me, I’m big boned. Can I still use that for an excuse?


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