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June 09, 2006


Explore Your Fantasies With...
Celebrity Lesbianism
Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan

Okay, you’re a cab driver who just picked up Paris and Lindsey after a night of partying at a chic Soho club.

They’re both stoned and horny and you can see everything in the mirror as it happens, the shadowy action highlighted by passing city lights...

Paris laughs and begins to softly fondle Lindsey’s breasts.

To your surprise, Lindsey doesn’t resist.

Instead, she lets out a low moan and begins to reciprocate, running her open hand in a circular pattern over Paris’ chest and up to her throat. Meanwhile, Paris is starting to really massage Lindsey’s boobs and as she leans in to kiss her, pulls the strap from Lindsey’s dress down over her shoulder to expose one perfect breast.

Lindsey’s head drops back as her eyes close. You can hear her breathe in and moan as she lets out the air.

By this time Paris is working on that perfect boob, cupping it with one hand and licking around the nipple. For a second you glimpse the lightly freckled chest of Lindsey as Paris pulls back and slides the other strap down, before diving in and squeezing both of Lindsey’s boobs while darting her tongue back and forth from nipple to nipple.

At this point it’s all Lindsey can do to contain herself.

The two kiss deeply, greedily.

Paris sits up for a second and Lindsey drags here tongue down Paris’ throat to her chest, then over her boobs, which are still covered by her silky, gossamer-thin low-cut dress.

Lindsey’s head disappears as she works down to Paris’ lap, and you can clearly see Paris’ erect nipples as she moans and reaches for her purse, pulling out a small cellophane envelope. When Lindsey sits back up, Paris slips her own dress down to reveal her breasts, then sprinkles some white powder over them, which Lindsey greedily snifflicks until it’s gone.

Both girls laugh as Paris repeats the scene, this time using Lindsey’s breasts to hoover up the toot.

They laugh, then begin kissing again.

It’s obvious to you that their hands are groping downwards, massaging each other’s thighs and working the moist spots in between. After a few minutes of rhythmic rocking, Lindsey shudders and rubs her hand up and down Paris’ arm, which is working furiously at her center. Lindsey comes, then pushes Paris into the corner and props up one leg, so she can get easier access to Paris’ soaking wet....


You look up and realize you’ve just hit another cab which has stopped suddenly to pick up a fare.

Both girls sit up, straighten their hair and clothes, then act as if nothing happened. Paris gives you a sly wink in the mirror.

"Close enough, driver," says Paris with a smile as she drops a C-note your way. "We’re staying right around the corner. Thanks. Keep the change." ... (MARTY SHERMAN)

A.) Wheeew!
B.) Double Wheeew!
C.) Did Paris come?


Don't you think they should have celebrity sex-ups on pay-per-view? I know I'd put up a hundred to watch Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan get it on. If Brad and Angelina agreed to have sex on camera, they'd get a lot more than the $4 million they got for the baby pictures!
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