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June 01, 2006


Dating Jim Carrey?
Free Wallet Photo on Left

Oh, they’re keeping it so hush-hush like anyone really gives a fuck, but sources in Hollywood say Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have been an item since December.

Why? How the fuck should we know? Here at the Bomb, we look at it as an opportunity to shoot our fingers off and run a sexy photo of Jenny with a sexy caption.

The still hot 32-year-old (ha) McCarthy was recently on The View where one of those goofy bags, Joy Behar or Star Jones, asked her if she was dating “a well-known comedian who makes funny faces who is not Jerry Lewis."

The comedienne could have blurted “Yes, Al ‘Grandpa Munster’ Lewis,” and gotten the big laugh but went mysterious instead:

"No comment. Look it up online. Let's move on to the next topic."

Oops, sorry. Okay, how about that fucked up war in Iraq?

Yes, dear readers - everybody's got problems.

Us? We can take or leave Jim Carrey. He’s no favorite of ours. If he never existed it would be no skin off our nose. Food would taste the same.

It’s too bad twenty minute films aren’t in vogue because that’s about all we can take of the guy before we head for the concession stand and hot buttered popcorn - or the men’s room for a leisurely dump. Carrey’s a one-shtick pony.

And if you look at the pair in that broad, uselessly entertaining pop cult kind of way, Jenny McCarthy is Jim Carrey with tits and a vagina.

There, I said it.

But McCarthy does have that ‘dirty’ high school slut quality that drives men wild.

It makes you want to get her liquored up, have your way with her, then pull up your trousers and split to meet some pals for last call and a few laughs. ... (LYZAKO)

A.) Whoa, that Jenny chick is still hot.
B.) Uh, oh - I smell an upcoming Carrey / McCarthy movie project.
C.) No, look ... there's dogshit on your shoe.


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