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June 19, 2006


Lady Bomb Embraces War!
Opens Gentlemen’s Club Near Baghdad Suburb ...

Yes, North Korea has developed a nuclear missile that can reach America, but more importantly, Musty just flew back from Baghdad where he helped oversee the opening of our new ‘secret’ strip club, Baghdad Girl. It’s a ‘secret’ because a woman’s breasts are not to be bared in Iraq — under any circumstances whatsoever.

And if you are caught looking at them for any reason, you will be killed and burned in the town square at midnight. Go ahead and laugh, but Baghdad — and its surrounding cities, Mothra, Plinqo, and Toomush — hosts a vibrant, word-of-mouth, 'secret' nightlife where men pay billions of dinars nightly, in secret, to see a woman’s bare breasts. It’s why we flew in three dozen 19-year-old dancers and opened Baghdad Girl in a former Costco building just outside Mothra’s city limits.

At the top left is the flyer that men secretly hand to other men in the alleys behind the streets. They recognize Ryan Seacrest in the photograph. They whisper and tell secrets.

They tell each other where Baghdad Girl is located.

The men of Iraq love American hot chicks — "And why not?” asks 37-year-old shopkeeper Benwa "Jojo" Ameesh, spending a late night at Baghdad Girl enjoying the sight of young bare breasts.

“Everyone knows United States ladies have the hottest bazoombas in the world,” Ameesh says while sipping a Pulsay Kudar, the 3,200 dinar drink special made with chilled potato vodka, bathwater, and grenadine.

Once again referring to breasts as American men did back in the 1950s, Ameesh laments, “Why we cannot see bazoombas only in secret? All over world man see bazoombas — but not in Iraq. It suck and not right.”

Ameesh pulls a wad of dinars from his cloak, orders another Pulsay Kudar, and watches the bazoombas bounce. ... (LYZAKO)

A.) See? America is the greatest fucking country in the world.
B.) Strippers are wonderful, giving human beings.
C.) Pulsay Kudars for everyone — Musty’s buying.


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