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June 13, 2006


Alec And Ex Play
Ping Pong
With Daughter

Actor Alec Baldwin, who you may remember from ... well, hmmm ... no, that was his brother ... okay, um anyway, he and his ex-wife actress Kim Basinger, who you will definitely remember from ... shit, I had it ... right on the tip of my tongue, too ... damn!

Wait. That’s right, she was in Batman. Oh, and she was Eminem’s mom in Eight Mile ...

Anyway... the couple divorced in 2002 and are currently engaged in a custody dispute over their ten-year-old daughter, Ireland. At a court hearing on Friday, Baldwin was ordered by an L.A. area judge to submit to a psychological examination by a court-appointed shrink.

Baldwin had previously claimed that it was Basinger who was in need of psychological help and that she was systematically turning their daughter against him. Now the court feels that it’s in the best interest of Ireland to investigate Basinger’s claims that the 48-year-old actor is "brainwashing" his daughter to turn her against her mother.

According to a friend of the family, Baldwin, who has denied his ex-wife’s allegations, was overheard outside of court saying: "Did it ever occur to that shriveled-up harpy that if I could really wash brains, I’d probably be able to get a little more freaking work in this town?" ... (MARTY SHERMAN)

A.) Didn’t he play Barney Rubble in that stupid Flintstones movie?
B.) That was his brother, Daniel.
C.) Can’t anybody in Hollywood give a kid a normal name?


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