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June 28, 2006


20th Century Bomb: 1973

The Stooges
Search And Destroy!

Michigan's The Stooges have a new album called Raw Power and it’s a real cool time. The record is mixed weird but it rocks.

The bad news is since David Bowie produced the record, the band is now known as Iggy & the Stooges and it’s the truth, man — like it or not: Lead guitarist Ron Asheton has been demoted to the bass guitar. How bogus is that? His replacement is some Ann Arbor dude, James Williamson. He’s all right, but he's no Ron Asheton — that’s for sure.

A.) Stooges forever.
B.) What a bummer — sounds like Iggy and Bowie are snorting too much coke.
C.) Letter B is right — they should take Quaaludes instead.


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