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June 22, 2006


20th Century Bomb: 1972
An Offer You
Can’t Refuse!

LOS ANGELES, June 21 ... Hollywood has a lot of nerve. They’ll do anything to get their hands inside your wallet. This time around they’ve got washed-up actor Marlon Brando and a bunch of other overacting yahoos in a gangster piece of tripe called The Godfather.

It's too long, the script is corny, and newcomer Al Pachino will never have a career in movies. The kid cannot act.

Save your money. ... (MUSTERVILLE SCRIBBLINS)

A.) Marlon Brando? Bah. Ernest Borgnine - now that's an actor.
B.) The Thing with Two Heads — now that’s movie magic.
C.) Can’t read the column right now, I’m seeing double from Quaaludes.


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