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June 05, 2006


20th Century Bomb: 1958
New Employee is All Shook Up!
Our new copy boy, Musty Scribblins - son of our copy editor, Musterville Scribblins - is upset because Elvis Presley has been drafted into the United States Army.

Musty says, “When Elvis gets out of the Army he will start making lousy movies and records — just watch, man.”

Old man Musterville had no comment - he just shook his head and lit another Chesterfield. ... (KARL O'BRYAN)

A.) Elvis is the absolute King of rock and roll.
B.) You're kidding, right? Elvis was a one-riff pony.
C.) "Welluh, bless mah soul, uhwhuts uhwrong wimee? I’m itchin lahk a man ona fuzzitree."
A.) Ha, that's pretty good C - you sound like the King, ha.
C.) Thank yuh verimuch.
B.) Ha, ha, ha, that's funny.
C.) Ax the kernal to get me mah pills. And a pound o' crisp bakin'.
A.) Ha, ha, ha.
B.) You're one fucking funny letter, C.
C.) Thank yuh verimuch.
A.) Ha, ha, ha.
B.) Ha, ha, ha.


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