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June 01, 2006


20th Century Bomb: 1954

They Make Us Look Cool!

Hope everyone can make it to this year’s Chesterfield Cigarette Smoking Contest.

Because of a recent bout with lung cancer, last year’s winner Trenton Bellmayer won’t be there to present this year’s proud puffer the gold plated, baseball bat-sized “Chesterfield Golden Smoke” award - his widow, Connie, will do the honors instead.

The late Mr. Bellmayer won the 1953 contest by puffing 10 cigarettes a minute — that’s 600 an hour, folks — for six straight days.

That's a grand total of 86,400 cigarettes!

Besides the Golden Smoke award, the winner also gets a lifetime supply of Chesterfields.

Hey pal, can I bum one of your Chesterfields? I left mine in the cigarette machine.

And can I have a light? I don't do magic.

Ha, ha, ha. ... (BENNETT VAN BRONSON)

A.) Martinis, bazoombas, and cigarettes ... now that's living.
B.) Chesterfield tastes good like a (clap clap) cigarette should.
C.) Does anyone have Connie Bellmayer's telephone number?


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