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May 01, 2006


Underwater Birth In Africa’s Future...
Jolie - Pitt Birthing Update
Paparazzi Catch Dad Shopping For Snorkel, Swim Fins

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have decided to give birth to their newborn baby by underwater birthing in spite of warnings from some medical professionals.

In this method of delivery, the mother is submerged in a pool of warm water from the waist down and the newborn remains underwater for a short time after the birth, which proponents say makes the delivery practically stress free for both mother and baby.

However, some pediatricians warn that there is a risk of the child swallowing and aspirating water when it first tries to breathe, which can lead to problems after delivery.

Brad, who is a strong swimmer, is excited by the prospect and bought a special underwater video camera just for the occasion.

The couple also announced that the baby, whether it’s a boy or girl, will simply be named Africa, since none of the African names they saw "turned (them) on all that much."...(MARTY SHERMAN)

A.) A white kid named Africa?
B.) What if it’s a boy? He’d get his ass kicked twice a day in public school!
C.) Hey, it’s a great stripper name for a girl, though...spell it real ghetto...Afreaka.


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