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May 12, 2006


Tom Cruise Is God!
Oops, I Mean Iron Man!
(He Just Thinks He’s God)

News leaked earlier this week that Tom Cruise is considering playing the part of Marvel Comic’s Iron Man in an upcoming movie that is currently being developed by Jon Favreau, the writer/director of Elf and Swingers.

Cruise’s MI3 put up good box office numbers opening weekend, but not as much as industry insiders expected, despite leading the list and bringing in over $48 million.

Hollywood analysts theorize that many movie-goers were simply "sick of his mugging with Katie and the baby" and "couldn’t stand to look at his face for even one more second, not even in a movie."

But Numero Uno is Number One - and America’s favorite overexposed ham made good again.

Now the folks at Marvel are banking on Cruise doing the same for Iron Man.

Cruise, who will pretty much play himself in the story of a billionaire playboy who becomes invincible, is expected to sign on once he sees a shooting script.

If you’re lucky, you’ll live until the film’s projected release in Summer 2008.

A.) Hmmm, Iron Man Tom. Nope, I don’t like it.
B.) I do. Any movie that makes him wear a mask can’t be all bad.
C.) I hope I don’t live that long.


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