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May 03, 2006


TOKUGAWA to Guitar Maker:
"Why Gibson Guitars Do This?"
They give too cool ax to Cruise baby

The gigantic promotional push toward opening of Mission Impossible III continue yesterday as Gibson Guitar representative kiss Tom Cruise ass by giving him pink Flying V– a cool ax, man – for new daughter Suri.

It small version with S - U - R - I on guitar neck…his new daughter name.

Oh, and they give her little amplifier, too. It happen on MTV show, Toku forget which, but it not important.

What important is shame that famous guitar company have to kiss ass of movie and actor.

Gibson make very famous different guitar for many year. Famous musician (Erik Clapton, Jimi Hendricks, and et cetera) play them and it not need to lick movie producer testicles.

Does this mean Tom Cruise play Flying V electric guitar in Impossible movie?..

Say it ain't so, Joe.

Tom smile and act so very happy on TV show to get gift for baby.

"Are you kidding me? That's hot! That's beautiful! " he say to man from Gibson on MTV show.

Tokugawa love ebb and flow of USA pop culture but not when famous guitar company kiss actor and movie ass..(TOKUGAWA MARINSKI)

A.) Everybody should see Mission Impossible 3.
B.) Everyone should buy a Gibson Flying V.
C.) If we were Scientologists, the world would be a better place.
A.) Seriously, C - what have you done? You look different.
B.) You look somewhat bolder.
C.) Okay, okay - it's true...I'm bolded now.
A.) What the fuck?
B.) What - you're better than us?
C.) No, it makes me look healthier and stronger.
A.) Hey, if you're bolded, I want to be bolded.
B.) Yeah, me too.
C.) Talk to Mr. E – it’s not up to me.
A.) Damn right.
B.) Fucking A – uh, no offense, A.
A.) None taken.
B.) Let's go have a confab with Mr. E.
A.) Right now.


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