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May 09, 2006


Steve Jobs Beats the Beatles

Probably because one a day keeps the doctor away and Eve made Adam bite the forbidden fruit many, many years ago, both Steve Jobs and Paul McCartney had the idea to use an apple as a logo.

Steve created cool computers and called his company Apple. Paul played and sang with the Beatles and named their record label Apple.

Anyway, short sentence long, they all had a deal, then something happened with digital rights, blah, blah, blah - stuff we unfortunately don’t have time to go into - and they went to court and His Honor ruled in favor of Steve Jobs who was thrilled he didn’t lose since it could have cost him up to $100 million fucking dollars.

The motherboard motherfucker gets to keep his mother lode.

The Fab Four –yeah, yeah, yeah -will appeal...(LYZAKO)

A.) A caramel apple – now that’s a fruit.
B.) Apple wine, that’s what I like.
C.) Apple pie, yum.
A.) An apple eaten alone is delicious.
B.) The Apple computer is a dream machine.
C.) Apple Records make me dance.
A.) Can’t forget apple flavored sex lube - it’s the best.
B.) Absolutely.
C.) Vagina and apple – delicious.


Does Apple Records still EXIST? *shrug*
Not sure, but if they do they should sign Bo Bice.

He wets himself onstage all hep pop/rockers do.

Well, gotta go. Ah...finished.

Your pal,

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