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May 02, 2006


Thinks he's in the Sopranos...
Drunk Actor Busted for Coke!
Oh wait - he is in the Sopranos.

Those fuckers on the Sopranos don’t fuck around – they’re bad asses in real life, too.

Yesterday, actor John Ventimiglia…you know, Artie Bucco with the restaurant…got busted in New York for being tipsy (he blew a .12) and possessing a zip-lock baggie with coke residue (hey, the guy’s an actor/celebrity, and tired).

Cops saw Ventimiglia weaving in and out of traffic with no headlights on and pulled his ass over. Actor dude says he was looking for a parking space a block from his Brooklyn apartment.

The fuzz checked out his ride and found the toot.

They parked his ass in a filthy jail cell.

Next stop: Court, motherfucker.....(MUSTY SCRIBBLINS)

A.) How come a guy like that don’t take a cab? Stupid.
B.) You’re right – if I’m getting high, I ain’t driving.
A.) He gots money for a driver, right?
B.) Sure thing, pally…and a big empty coke bag in the pocket.
A.) Zip-lock size, no less.
B.) Probably a gram hugging the baggie ready to scrape.
A.) Serves the bastard right...getting loaded and driving...
B.) And he gots the money where he ain’t got to drive.
A.) Fuck yes he does. Mister fucking big shot.
B.) Oh, well. Piece of cake...$500 fine/One week probation - watch.
A.) Nah - autographed picture of the cast for the DA at the most.
B.) If it was you or me?
A.) We'd get the electric chair.


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