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May 30, 2006


spotlight on a funny bastard

Happy Birthday, Fucker

Fans of comedy know this man for his performances as David Letterman’s Fugitive Guy, or Chris Peterson on Get A Life, or as Bill Murray’s cameraman, Larry, in Groundhog Day.

You know the guy, right?

You're no square, of course you do.

Most of us remember Chris Elliot's fuckingly hilarious turn as Dom Woganowski and his pizza faced hives in There’s Something about Mary. The talented sonofabitch is industrial-strength funny in that flick.

Elliot, born in 1960, is best known as cabin boy Nathanial Mayweather in the Oscar-winning (Screenplay of the Year) 1994 epic, Cabin Boy.

A snippet of dialogue:

Nathaniel: I love sitting up here, looking at those bright, twinkly things in the sky, I forget their technical name...

Trina: Stars.

Nathaniel: Whatever...

A.) Letterman was in that flick, too - right?
B.) Ha, he played "Old Salt in Fishing Village," ha.
C.) Ha, ha, ha, Chris Elliot and David Letterman.
A.) Whew, what a weekend. I can't fake laughter like you two.
B.) Ha, you got that right - it's hard gettin' started today, ha
C.) Ha, ha, ha, we are professionals and con't you forget it.
A.) You mean, don't you forget it, don't you?
C.) Ha, ha, ha, shut the fuck up.
B.) Ha, it feels like a Monday, ha.


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