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May 10, 2006


Sid Vicious turns 49 in Hell

If he hadn’t become mixed up with heroin and a wacky girlfriend, Sex Pistols bass player Sid Vicious would have turned 49-years-old today.

Vicious was the epitome of punk rock - nay, its poster child - with his spiky hair, black leather jacket, goofy grin, who-gives-a-fuck attitude, and bare bones chops on his Fender bass.

Sid Vicious, real name: John Simon Ritchie, joined the Sex Pistols in April of 1977 and became an instant star, tippling, spitting, posing, and bleeding as the band enjoyed underground superstardom.

Then Sid met New York groupie Nancy Spungen and her smack habit. The three of them fell in love.

Thus began a leisurely adios to our featured amigo.

The Pistols played a short ill-fated American tour at the top of 1978 - flopped, bitched and broke up. That summer, Sid and Nancy moved to the Chelsea Hotel in New York City where except for sporadic club dates, the cat couldn’t catch a break. Sid's dough was tight.

The heroin thing – steady as she goes - spiraled out of control one fateful junked out night in ’78 when a wasted Vicious stabbed Spungen and she died. Some folks remember her as an extremely annoying chick.

Cops arrested the Pistol for murder after a detective sniffed his shoulder.

Out on bail, the alleged killer tried to kill himself. He slashed his wrists and spent two weeks in Bellevue.

On his release from the psych ward, Vicious went to a party where he shot up some shit he got from his Mom. There's nothing quite like a Mother's love.

But the dope was either too strong or too something…

Sid turned blue then slept the Big Sleep.

Died on Groundhog Day 1979.

Happy birthday, stupid....(LYZAKO)

A.) Sid’s “My Way” was sheer dynamite.
B.) Best punk record ever, I thought.
C.) Hey, ‘twas better than Sinatra’s version – and I love Sinatra.


Didn't John Lydon say, in his book, that he used to clean his fingernails with Nancy's heroin needles? Yikes.

Poor Sid.
Beavette, tell the fool about nail files. Using dirty heroin needles is a dangerous thing, for god's sake.

Your pal,

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