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May 16, 2006


Quentin Tarantino Picks Mickey Rourke

Things are coming together nicely for the new Quentin Tarantino / Robert Rodriguez double-feature Grind House.

Based on the old-fashioned Drive-In movie concept of two 75-minute flicks with an intermission, Rodriguez opens the show with Project Terror, a horror flick with zombies not unlike the flesh-eaters in the director’s From Dusk Till Dawn.

Tarantino closes with Death Proof, a slasher flick with the always creepy Mickey Rourke in a muscle car chasing three hot chicks down the highway.

QT says Rourke is “kicking ass and taking names like nobody's business."

What intrigues us is the middle act – the damned intermission.

“Years ago, you’d see an exploitation double-feature when they used to come out,” Tarantino explains.

“So we're going to do two horror films and release them together, and set it all up like a real night at the movie theatre. All the intermission stuff will be there. Between the movies, we're going to do trailers for exploitation movies that don't exist, okay? It'll be just like going to one of those movie theatres that don't exist anymore."

I wonder if between flicks we get to see the reluctant hot dog finally jump into a willing bun like in the good old days.

Not that Robert Rodriquez is chopped liver but if Tarantino’s name is on the poster, we are at the Grind House on December One.

A.) The guy’s right. Tarantino can do no fucking wrong in my book
B.) I still shudder over the ‘ear scene’ in Reservoir Dogs.
C.) Or Jackson and Travolta in Pulp Fiction, ha, ha, ha.
A.) And what about Pam Grier in Jackie Brown? I’d shtup her good.
B.) That lady is hot.
C.) I heard Tarantino smokes a lot of pot.
A.) Gee…you think so? What makes you say that?
C.) Are you busting my chops? Are you, fucker?
A.) Calm down, letter. What’s your problem?
B) Yeah, geez…chill out
C.) Shut up. It’s just gettin' to me, see? The damn stress…


Tarantino kills me, dude. When I saw Reservoir Dogs, it was at some suburban art theatre and I remember that everybody was on fuckin' edge, man. We almost had a knock down with the cocksuckers sitting next to us. It was CRAZY.
I cant wait to see it.
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