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May 01, 2006


Snakes On A Plane Monday!

We understand that Samuel L. Jackson received $6 million to do SOAP but we're sure the producers picked up the other actors and script on the cheap, so there's really no reason for them not to have spent a few extra bucks on a proper poster to promote the movie.

No offense to the art department but the work on the left looks like the work of a retard, or at the very least a dude on beer and meth.

For the latest updates on what looks to be the most exciting action adventure feature film ever released, we urge you to go to Snakes on a Blog - the space and place with the latest in all snakey and snarky.

The blog's owner Sluggo DeRassmussen recently sold the popular blog to Time Warner for almost $3,000,000.

Snakes on a Plane hits the fan in August... (LYZAKO)

A.) I like the art work - it's stupid.
B.) I'm digging it also - Jackson is the bomb.
C.) You still haven't told us what the film is about.


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