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May 08, 2006


Bo Bice Movie Theme Song Deal!
A Lady Bomb Escorts Exclusive...

Dear readers, we have obtained the first picture of Bo Bice singing the theme song from Snakes on a Plane movie screens this August.

Those who have heard the track describe it as a scary power ballad that conjures up visions of snakes, flying, fear, horror, and grisly death.

Bice recorded (Theme from) Snakes on a Plane on Sunday in Barcelona's Hit Maker Studios after his stunning debut performance with the Rolling Stones on Saturday night.

The American Idol is filling in for Keith Richards who is recuperating from a coconut fall.

Snakes on a Blog are scary, too. They have too much info; they will kill you....(MUSTY SCRIBBLINS)

A.) Enough with the Bo Bice already.
B.) In the 90s his name was Bob Ice and he was a punk rocker.
C.) Snakes + Plane + Movie + Bice = Fucking blockbuster hit.


see what i told you? bo is talented. that movie song will be great.

and i aslo said he'd be great in the stones and he is!!!!!!!!!
Give us a break. Quit writing about this talentless cretin.

Ameican Idol sucks and so do you.
Bofan, Razorguy...let's shake and be friends.

Everything is everything...

Make love, not war...

Uh, oh - the Tropico Cuervo is kicking in!

Your pal,

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