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May 15, 2006


Sherman Saga Bogs Down Blog Host
Epic ‘China Fix’ To Blame For Blogspot Downtime

Have trouble connecting to your favorite blogs on Saturday? Say, around noon or so? Well, you weren’t alone. Phenomenal traffic generated by pre-release publicity drove bloggers to LadyBomb in record numbers to catch a special, weekend presentation of Marty Sherman’s China Fix story, which was available for the first time in its entirety.

Servers blinked and went down all over the world before engineers from, which was also affected, were able to re-route the traffic through new machines.

"Imagine, if you will," said one of the engineers responsible for bringing the internet back on-line, "that the universe is and that LadyBombEscorts is a whirling, ever expanding black hole that sucks everything into its insidious vortex. That’s the problem we were dealing with at noon, eastern time on Saturday."

Engineers, along with a team of technicians, were able to get things back to normal in a matter of hours, and claim to have solved the first-time problem for good by monitoring the LadyBomb cite for potential traffic problems.

"We’re having someone keep an eye on the content over there and look for stories that can potentially blow up beyond our hosting capabilities.".. (MARTY SHERMAN!)

A.) It sure seemed like a lot of words to me.
B.) Yeah, a LOT of words. And I’m not much of a reader.
C.) LadyBomb is a Black Hole. Just look around.



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