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May 18, 2006


S'ensored' S'ensored' Swift To S'ensor
Bar Manager In S'ensored Michigan Investigated For 'Censored'

Earlier this month, the Secret Service paid a visit to a local watering hole just outside Detroit.

The purpose of the trip was to investigate the manager of 'CENSORED,' who allegedly 'CENSORED' the President.

An anonymous patron who heard the 'CENSORED' made a call to the S.S. and before you could say George W. Bush, a sleek, black, bullet-proof 'CENSORED' pulled into 'CENSORED's parking lot. After questioning the manager, the agents decided at the scene that he wasn’t actually a danger to the President and drove off without making an arrest.

The lesson to be learned?

According to one Mr. Mike’s regular who witnessed the arrival of the Feds...

"Keep your black thoughts to yourself. Don’t say things like 'CENSORED.' And if you do say it, make sure you finish with ‘Just joking’. The President is still the President and we shouldn’t 'CENSOR' him, even if he deserves it and everybody knows that the world would be 'CENSORED' without him."

And remember, even though you would probably be the 'CENSORED' on your cell block, making a credible threat against the President can get you up to ten years in a 'CENSORED' Federal Penitentiary. ... (MARTY SHERMAN)

A.) All I know is I didn’t say squat about the 'CENSORED.'
B.) I did, but I was just kidding. Ha ha. Ha.
C.) Don’t these 'CENSORED' have better things to do?


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