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May 15, 2006


Paul McCartney Marriage on Rocks?

Yesterday, all his troubles seemed so far away…now it looks like Heather’s big payday…oh, Macca longs for yesterday. Fuck yes, he does, because Sir Paul McCartney - the man they once called the Cute Beatle - may now be dubbed Sir Dumbass because he didn’t sign a pre-nup with the missus.

Over there in England – a dreary, dreadful place, we’re told – British media are reporting a trip to Splitsville for McCartney and second wife Heather Mills. If they do break it up, the chick could abscond with up to 400 million smackers for her four years of marital service.

In that time, the couple produced one hit together – a daughter, Beatrice.

The ink-stained blokes would like us to believe that Lady Heather is a bitch and can’t stand playing second banana to the Ex-Beatle. She wants the world to adore her as they do her husband for her good looks, her tireless work for animals, and because she did it all with one leg.

She lost one years ago – either the right or left, we don't know - in a road accident.

Or something like that. It’s morning here in LA and we haven’t had enough coffee yet.

Odd but true, the lovely Heather isn’t even much of a Beatles fan, and has told reporters she actually prefers listening to Jon Bon Jovi.

Jolly wot, did she perhaps fall on her ears in that leg accident?

Two pounds and a shilling says yes....(LYZAKO)

A.) Paul McCartney is a great musical artist.
B.) Singer, songwriter, Beatle, incredibly handsome and left-handed to boot.
C.) All true but now a mere shadow of 'imself.
A.) What a terrific run he had though.
B.) Whoa, you got that right.
C.) pre-nup. 400 million bucks...incredible.
A.) Hey, I'd marry the guy for that kind of dough.
B.) You might have to have a vagina installed.
C.) Or take it up the butt.
A.) For that kind of money I'd chop my head off.
B.) Then you'd be dead.
A.) Damn, that's right...skip that.


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