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May 04, 2006


Paris Hilton No Longer Into Greek
New CD More Important Than Partying For This Party Girl

Instead of drinking and having sex all summer aboard boyfriend Stavros Niarchos' yacht, Paris Hilton will be drinking and having sex around the globe while she works hard promoting her new album of pop dance music, which is due out this June.

The promotional tour is scheduled to take Paris all over the world and is being coordinated along with the Hilton chain of hotels to help cross-market both Paris and the family business.

Reportedly, each room that she stays in will be labeled a special Paris Hilton Suite and a new marketing campaign for Hilton Hotels will prominently feature "Paris Slept Here" ads.

A representative for Hilton says that they expect to be able to charge "twice what the normal room rate is for rooms that Paris hasn’t slept in." ... (MARTY SHERMAN)

A.) How much for a room that Paris fucked in?
B.) You would have to go there.
C.) What’s the big deal? Don’t they change the sheets?


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