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May 15, 2006


Pam Grier Reincarnation Shocker
Star Hopes To Avoid Teaching New Dog Old Tricks

After months of living with her new dog Jaja, actress and L Word star Pam Grier is even more convinced that the pup is the reincarnated spirit of her previous dog Jackie Brown. The former blaxploitation queen, who credits Chinese herbs with helping her recover from cancer some time ago, is a firm believer in Eastern philosophy and religion. She’s struck by the similarities in behavior between the two pets and claims that "...all of the things (Jaja) does, Jackie used to do."

Jaja, the lone female of the litter, was purchased from a local breeder three days after the death of Jackie Brown, who was named after the 1997 Quentin Tarantino movie, which starred Grier.

"It really is amazing," said one friend of the star. "Jaja barks, sits up, begs and craps just like Jackie did." ...(MARTY SHERMAN)

A.) I don’t believe in all that reincarnation nonsense, do you?
B.) Nope. When it’s over it’s over.
C.) Enjoy every sandwich. The dirt nap lasts forever.


I could eat the peanuts out of Pam Grier's mutherfucking shit! No Shit! Her 1980 shit that is! Ha!
Not today's shit! No way!
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