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May 22, 2006


No Picnic Without Mayo

Whitman Mayo would have been 76-years-old today but it wasn’t meant to be. He passed in 2001 at age 71.

Mayo (no relation to the condiment) played Grady Wilson alongside comedy legend Redd Foxx in the 1970s TV series Sanford & Son.

Damn, that Mayo was one good actor. Oh, the whole cast was terrific - Fred, Bubba, and Aunt Esther, of course - but Grady was our favorite. His walk and talk were slow but sure; and he always made sense even when Lamont and his snarky pal, Rollo, would try to give everybody shit and all Fred could do was piss and moan and clutch his heart looking Heavenward to announce to his beloved ‘Lizbeth that he was comin’ to see her, darlin’.

Come to think of it, maybe Bubba was our favorite – maybe not, it’s Monday and we’re fuzzy – but when he played the old bluesman, Blind Blahblahblah (Monday, fuzzy), it cracked us up like there’s no tomorrow.

“I want my daddy’s records,” Blind Blahblahblah drawled. Ha, ha, ha…really funny stuff. Well, maybe we’ll change our minds up the road but for now we’re going on record: Whitman Mayo is the best.

Birthplace: New York. Cause of Death: Heart Attack. ... (MUSTY SCRIBBLINS)

A.) Mayo did a lot of TV work also.
B.) Sure did…from Diff’rent Strokes to ER.
A.) A talented funny man.
B.) Hey, where’s C?
A.) Late as usual.
B.) Oh, here comes mister big shot.
C.) What’s up, letters?
A.) You’re late again, dipshit.
B.) We’re commenting on the late great Whitman Mayo.
C.) No, Hellmann’s Mayo is by far the best!
A.) Mr. Scribblins did a condiment joke at the top, dipshit.
C.) Oops, sorry.
B.) Remember: I invented the alarm clock for dolts like you.
C.) Guess I’d better chug some coffee.


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