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May 09, 2006


Nix to Pix on Hendrix!

Alright, okay? Someone has talked to Quentin Tarantino and he will not – repeat, will not – be the guy that makes the Jimi Hendrix film.

Last time anyone mentioned it they said Quentin was already pre-producing but it’s not happening, alright? They also said Q would work with the Hendrix estate to keep it real.

No way, Jose. Okay?

A Tarantino spokesperson spoke with a cat at "It's not a project Quentin has any involvement with, and his representatives have never been contacted by anyone associated with it."

Well, that’s that. Tarantino says it was a "complete fabrication" and that "there's not even an iota of truth to it."

Sounds to us like it “ain’t gonna happen,” “uh, uh – not in this lifetime,” and “it’s no skin off my butt, alright?”

Hopefully, negotiations on what knife to use and how to slice this deliciously lucrative pie with Tarantino and the Hendrix family will continue....(LYZAKO)

A.) A Tarantino flick about Hendrix? Whoa!
B.) Whew, that would be a killer.
C.) Come on, the guy is overrated.
A.) Who?
C.) Come to think of it – both of them.
A.) Oh, you’re fucking nuts.
C.) Whatever.
A.) Quentin Tarantino is at the top of his game.
B.) Jimi Hendrix rocks like no other human ever rocked.
C.) Not to me.
A.) Well, who are your favorite director and guitarist?
C.) Ed Wood and Bo Bice.


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