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May 03, 2006


Marty Sherman

"First of all, there has to be at least three bars involved. Going from one bar to another is not, I repeat, NOT bar-hopping. You can choose to drink only one drink, then hop. But you MUST stay for at least TWO drinks in at least one bar. You’ll know you did it right when you can’t remember all the bars the next day."


Yo! So I went to Bookie's, where some HomoBartender gave me four Black Russians, and then Lili's, where Alan gave me about 9 Rum-and-Cokes, and then WhereTheFuckIDon'tKnow, where I actually had to pay for something, and then back to her place for a BJ, a Warm Slice, six lines, and her panties ended up on my arm.

Does that count?
Of course it counts, Junior.

I'm almost finished creating my time machine and you and I are going back to 1979.

Dig them apples, young lion.

Your pal,

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