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May 01, 2006


Madonna: Down & Dirty on Bush!
Whoa, Now She's Kissing Kellie Pickler!

The always controversial, always off-key singer Madonna appeared at California music festival Coachella yesterday where she improvised provocative new lyrics in her song I Love New York.

In place of the sporty “Just go to Texas, isn't that where they golf?” the chick sang the sexy, “Just go to Texas and suck George Bush’s dick.”

We don’t know who she was singing to - we don’t want to know – it’s none of our business. While the war in Iraq still rages, we are proud to say we remain as unconcerned with the current President's wiener as we were with President Clinton’s joint when Monica Lewinsky smoked it or anyone else’s shlong for that matter.

A man has to worry about his own penis.

Ha, ha, ha, fucking Madonna – she will say or do whatever it takes to get ink. We feel sorry for the poor saps in blogs that jump on this stuff, and make a big deal out of it and help her sell more crappy records.

They are such tools.

That Madonna chick is losing it, man.....(MUSTY SCRIBBLINS)

A.) Madonna is on the cutting edge of dance music.
B.) Um, letter A is right on the money.
C.) Are you letters high or what?
A.) What the fuck. It’s Monday.
B.) Yeah. Madonna is on the cutting edge of dance music.
C.) Damn, here comes Mr. E.
E.) Hello, boys…what are we working on?
A.) Madonna said to go to Texas and suck the President’s dick.
E.) Who, me? Why, I don’t even know the man…
B.) No, sir, not you – she’s selling records by being controversial.
E.) Who is she expecting to suck him off then?
C.) Not sure, Mr. E – the item is hot off the wire.
E.) Are you sure it’s not the Clinton/Lewinsky oral sex story?
A.) Yes, sir, absolutely.
B.) She’s being controversial, sir.
C.) It sells CDs, Mr. E.
E.) I don’t understand.
A.) Sir?
E.) If someone blows the President in Texas it sells records?
B.) Oops, my phone’s ringing. Gotta go - still working the Bice/Richards story.
C.) Yes, that reminds me. Goddamn Marty Sherman needs quips.
A.) Mr. E, trust me – controversy sells records.
E.) I don’t understand. Oh, well – to work then.


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