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May 23, 2006


LadyBomb Exclusive! You Heard It Here First...

Angelina Jolie’s Water Almost Breaks!
Harassing Photographers Harassed By Namibian Govt. Says Namibian Human Rights Group

A photographer trying to get the million-dollar shot of Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s newborn baby was arrested Friday after attempting to sneak into the hospital where the couple plans to give birth.

John Liebenberg, who hails from South Africa, was pinched for trespassing, bringing more international attention to the Namibian government’s over-zealous police work surrounding the Hollywood couple, and drawing criticism from Namibia’s own National Society of Human Rights.

The NSHR is calling for Namibia to reverse its decision to arrest and deport photographers who have entered the country to follow the famous couple, both of whom also work actively for human rights.

Reportedly, the Namibian government has issued a statement that in effect says "no way", and vows to keep guard over the Jolie-Pitt’s privacy "by any means necessary, including beatings, stabbings, shootings, hangings and in the most extreme cases, death by unga bunga."

The Jolie-Pitts were unavailable for comment. ... (MARTY SHERMAN)

A.) I’ve been unga-bunga’ed. That’s some seriously painful shit.
B.) Only if you’re on the receiving end.
C.) Yeah, it’s actually kinda fun if you’re doing the unga-bunga’ing.


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