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May 05, 2006


Keith Richards Brain Surgery OFF
Bo Bice Apologizes, Back in Rolling Stones!
The indestructible Stone guitarist bounces back again.

After falling on his head from a coconut tree, it looks like Keith Richards won’t have to get a brain drain after all – all he needs is three months of rest and recuperation. That’s all.

Though a morphine drip and a sniff of junk from a pirate’s cutlass may help.

Richards is at home pondering an endorsement deal with Timex.

In other Stones camp news, it looks like Bo Bice and Mick Jagger have ended their spat - Bo Bice is back on lead guitar for the Rolling Stones. The feud centered on Bo’s desire to add Chick, I’m the Dude for You from his hit album Bice-A-Roni to an already well-oiled Stones repertoire. Sir Mick said no – Bice flew the coop.

Then he smoked some weed and changed his mind.

It's all scummy water under a modern bridge now as the world's greatest rock band gets ready to rehearse. The Biceman stands in front of Keith's array of guitars and tries to decide which one to use in his debut with the Stones this Saturday night in Barcelona.

"That one, the red one - it's awesome," says Bice.

Keith's guitar roadie Bongo hands it to him. Bo plugs in.

The drummer counts the first tune off with his sticks, 2, 3, 4 - and Charlie Watts, Ron Wood, Mick Jagger, and Bo Bice go right into Start Me Up.

And it rocks, man... .(MUSTY SCRIBBLINS)

A.) Glad to hear Keith Richards is doing better.
B.) Yeah, we need that guy around...
C.) And Bo Bice rocks, that's for sure. Ask these guys.
A.) Now isn't this much better?
B.) Yes, I'm glad the boss instituted a 'No Bolding Letters' rule.
C.) Ha - I did get kind of full of myself - ha.
A.) 'No Bolding Letters' is good. We're all equal.
B.) We really are. And thank god, we can still smoke crack.
C.) Yes! Let's celebrate with crack!
A.) I've got a crack pipe in my glove box.
B.) There's a $20 crack rock in my sock.
C.) Meet you crack smokers in the parking lot.
A.) To the motherfucking weekend.
B.) Yes!
C.) I love everybody.


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