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May 18, 2006


Is Somebody Making This Stuff Up, or What?
Perfume Available Soon
What’s Next, Fart-Flavored Mouthwash?

A new perfume based on the aroma of Stilton cheese will soon be on the market. Yes, you read that right - cheese. And one of the smellier varieties, too.

The recipe for Eau de Stilton is based on the "distinctive mellow aroma" of Blue Stilton cheese, and captures the essence of the stinky dairy product in what a company spokesperson calls "an unusual but highly wearable perfume."

The British Stilton Cheese Makers Association hired an independent company to produce the perfume, which they plan to sell on their website.

A.) Seriously, is fart-flavored mouthwash that far off?
B.) I like the smell of cheese. It could work for me.
C.) Correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t it attract mice?


Okay, I almost spit Diet Coke through my nose just now...
I though people want to be followed by various rodents ;)
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