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May 12, 2006


Is Somebody Behind Those Bushes?
Would-be Celebrity Stalker Practices Stalking 'Regular Folks'

A Southeast Michigan man has been shadowing several people in the Detroit area in order to practice for his planned career as a Celebrity Stalker.

John B. claims to have mapped the daily routines of at least a half-dozen men and women, documenting their trips to and from work and play with photographs, video and personal items salvaged from their trash.

The people range in occupation from student to local newscaster, but for the most part are what John likes to call "just regular folks".

When asked if he could divulge any information about the newscaster in question, he acknowledged only that "She’s a friggin’ M.I.L.F. and a half."

John hopes to someday focus his celebrity binoculars on Britney Spears, Shannen Dougherty and Bo Bice, just to name a few.

A.) Look, that freak is staring at us.
B.) It's that pervert from a rival blog.
C.) Make no misteak: It's hard living life as a celebrity letter.


don't be so hard on him...he[s a good soul...
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