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May 03, 2006


Hump Day Breaking News...
Beyonce Clone Earns Big Bucks As Stripper
Dancer Gets By With A Little Help From Friends, Customers, Photoshop

It’s said that everybody has a double somewhere, someone who looks so much like you that they could be mistaken for your twin.

As luck would have it, Destiny Child’s lead singer Beyonce Knowles' doppelganger is working the strip club circuit between L.A. and Vegas.
And she’s doing very well.

Shanyce Pryor, who dances under the name Lady B has been taking advantage of her resemblance to the sexy R&B singer for some time now.

"Customers just can’t get over how much I look like Beyonce. It’s a fantasy come true for them," said the curvaceous beauty. "And I can’t sing, so what I’m gonna do?"

Dance, that’s what.

Lady B not only wows fans by being the spitting image of Beyonce, but her incredibly athletic pole work puts her head and shoulders above the other dancers.

And her signature song?

"Bootylicious - what else? The guys just love it when I drop it like it’s hot," she said. "And I got a booty clap that you can hear over the music."

"She’s really something special," said an unidentified admirer. "I just came back from the VIP Room with her and I’m very satisfied, if you get my drift."

But don’t confuse this exotic dancer with a prostitute.

"I ain’t no ho’," she insists. "I just do my thing and the guys keep linin’ up. What’s a little friction between friends?"

Although she refuses to give an exact figure, Lady B acknowledges that she makes well over "six figures" annually, and is available for bachelor parties and special occasions through her own booking agency Lady B Entertainment.

A.) Hubba hubba! Lady Be-oing!
B.) When I say "Lady" you say "B"!...."Lady!" "B!" "Lady!!" "B!!"
C.) I’m sorry, but she doesn’t look a thing like Beyonce to me.


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