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May 24, 2006


Hello? Hell-ooo?
Is This THE Mariah Carey?
New Pepsi/Motorola Ringtone Download Promo Goes Overboard

In a new marketing campaign which is just too complicated to figure out, Pepsi and Motorola are offering a series of ringtones available for download to your cellular phone as a way of promoting their respective products.

The original songs will be written and performed by a number of recording artists including pop diva Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and The All-American Rejects. The ringtones, all penned specifically for the promotion, will be no longer than 40 seconds in duration and will be available as prizes.

According to a press release, one in three Pepsi product caps will contain a code which is good for a free download at the Pepsi Ring Tones site.

For completists, that will mean down(load)ing over 400 soft drinks in order to get all of the tunes into your phone. Pepsi is planning somewhere around 800,000,000 units with the special caps as part of the promotion.

A.) So let’s see...Drink Pepsi. Then drink more Pepsi. Then one more Pepsi. God, I’m full.
B.) Download free Mariah Carey song. Wait for phone to ring.
C.) Then what? Shoot myself?



How come not more news about drugs, pussy, and perjury with Barry Bonds?

OK. Maybe he's an athlete. But he's at least as fucked up as Brad Pitt!
Yeah, more news about drugs and pussy!
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