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May 22, 2006


Fat Joe Gives Shout Out To Paris Hilton
Skinny Pete, Dirty John, Swollen Mike and Stupid-Dope Sam Refuse Comment

In a radio interview in NYC, rapper Fat Joe boasted that Paris Hilton’s upcoming CD, which features a guest appearance by the overweight hip-hopper, will be "phenomenal."

He went on to add that Paris is a "phenomenal" singer and a "phenomenal" person who performs "phenomenally," and that music fans can expect the first "phenomenal" single, Jealousy, to take aim at Hilton’s ex-best friend and "phenomenal" co-star of The Simple Life, Nicole Ritchie."

Fat Joe, who’s crew is known as the Terror Squad, also confessed that he thinks Nicole’s pop, Lionel Ritchie is "phenomenal."... (MARTY SHERMAN))

A.) Does the dude even know what phenomenal means?
B.) Phenomenal means phat, right?
C.) And phat is good? I need a drink. Is it noon yet?


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