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May 03, 2006


Brain Surgery for Keith Richards
Let It Bleed - NOT!

Looks like they’re going to have to drill a hole and drain blood from Keith Richards’ skull. While doctors expect a full recovery after the procedure, the injury is a hairier affair than originally diagnosed.

After first calling it a mild concussion, specialists discovered a small brain hemorrhage up in there that must be dealt with. Damn.

It's why they're bringing out the Black & Decker.

According to the British Sun Online, Ron Wood and Keith were at a luxury resort in Fiji climbing a tree in a race for coconuts when Richards slipped and fell on his noggin.

At 62-years-old and with his mileage, the only coconut Richards should be reaching for is the delicious taste of coconut in the famous Pina Colada.

And isn't this the same Keith Richards that fell from a ladder in his Connecticut home a few years back while reaching for a book?

The Stone should really think about delegating some of this stuff to an assistant.

A.) Hope Keith is going to be all right.
B.) Years of drug abuse then he falls on his head. Amazing.
A.) Is C coming in today?
B.) Not sure – oh wait, here he comes now.
C.) What’s up my letters?
A.) How’d it go yesterday?
C.) Just a little serif reconstruction, that’s all.
B.) Your serif looks the same yet you look different.
C.) Nah, you’re nuts. Just defined the serif at the top.
A.) No, B is right, you changed something.
C.) You’re crazy.
B.) I don’t think so. Are you working today?
C.) Sure. It’s why I’m here.
A.) Well?
C.) Oh. Keith Richards will outlive everybody.
B.) You look different.
C.) You’re crazy.


i'm telling you tha bo will really rock the stones. wait and see
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