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May 11, 2006



Blimey, mate! He's makin' a joke!
Sir Elton John is a Wanker?

Pop star Sir Elton John simply enraged a British television audience recently during an interview on The New Paul O’Grady Show when the newlywed spurted: “My real name, Reginald Kenneth Dwight, makes me sound like a banker or a wanker.”

In Merry Olde, you see, the word ‘wanker’ is a naughty no-no not to be spoken in public.

Here in the States, wanker means “jackoff” (verb)or “jaggoff” (noun).

Upon hearing the offending word, the stunned audience sat in stilled silence.

Then host Paul O’Grady lifted his arse and let a trebly poot.

"It wasn't going to be Gladys, was it?" said O’Grady trying to be witty before letting another escape from his buttocks. Sir Elton then lifted his left butt cheek - a steady trumpet of gas filled the air.

The audience laughed and cheered as if Kevin Federline had sauntered onstage.

Elton and his host laughed themselves silly to tears while 20 viewers – not even one smile amongst them – immediately switched off the telly, picked up the phone and dialed broadcasters to complain of the offending word.

O'Grady handed out an apology at the end of the program. "Sorry if it has been a bit raucous, ladies and gentlemen," he said and then shat himself.

A.) Whoa, they are wild on TV in England. Insane.
B.) Yes, absolutely outrageous. Unbelievable.
C.) Sir Elton John and a pant load of poop – now that’s entertainment.


I pooted, too...
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