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May 25, 2006


Beam Up My Checkbook, Scottie!
Auction House
To Auction
‘Star Trek’ Stuff
Trekkies Line Up To Spend Hard-Earned Cash On Phasers, Quatloos

New York City will be the gathering place for wealthy Trekkies from all over the world this October when a sale of rare Star Trek memorabilia takes place at famed auction house Christie’s.

Props from the original TV show along with later television spinoffs including Deep Space Nine, Enterprise and Star Trek: The Next Generation, will be offered, and pre-sale estimates project that the auction could bring in upwards of $3 million. Experts were quick to add that actual sales could be much higher, citing what one Christie’s spokesman calls "the geek factor."

In addition to stuff from Star Trek-related television shows, the auction will also feature memorabilia from the series of movies that were based on the 1960's sci-fi adventure show created by Gene Roddenberry.

New York native and rapper Jay-Z, one famous Trekkie who just recently went public with his passion for all things Trek-related, is expected to be a big bidder. The famously wealthy boyfriend of singer Beyonce reportedly already has a large collection, but will be looking to add some "key pieces," like a coveted science officer uniform which was worn by Leonard Nimoy in the original series.

Friends of the rapper, who’s real name is Sean Carter, say that behind closed doors the famous couple often plays fantasy games, with Beyonce dressing up as female characters from different episodes of the show and Carter playing Captain Kirk. ... (MARTY SHERMAN)

A.) Live long and prosper, dorks.
B.) I bid one thousand quatloos for the quatloos!
C.) Check it out. My phaser’s set on ‘fuck’!


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