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May 23, 2006


2oth Century Bomb: 1951

It's a totally crazy new scene!
New Kicks for Hep Teenagers!
Movie Theatres? Squaresville, Man...

DETROIT, Mi...After hitting the books all day, and then having dinner with Mom and Dad, we like to go out and have fun — and fun is what we have at the new Bel-Air Drive-In Theatre on 8 Mile Road just east of Van Dyke.

They don't call us the Motor City for nothing, you know.

What is is? It's cool as heck is what it is. Better than a regular movie theatre, at the Drive-In you park your car in a huge parking lot with a thousand other cars and watch your favorite motion picture on a gigantic screen.

You also get to use a personal hi-fi speaker that hangs on your inside window and in the winter they have portable heaters. You can dress as you like and even smoke cigarettes in the privacy of your own vehicle.

They also have restrooms and a refreshment stand with hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza and Cokes.

It's almost like having your own pad - except with the latest Hollywood movies! ... (MUSTERVILLE SCRIBBLINS)

A) Wow, I get paid on Friday; I’m going to the Drive-in!
B.) I saw a Dean Lewis/Jerry Martin movie at the Drive-in!
C.) I got my girlfriend pregnant at the Drive-in!


good pictures, congratulations
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