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May 25, 2006


20th Century Bomb: 1952

Invisible Guy
at Beach
Even the caption is invisible

Last week at the club, Vincent Cantsworth told me he had the pleasure of reading Ralph Ellison’s new novel, The Invisible Man.

Why, that's insane, I yelled at Cantsworth, there surely could never be such a thing, could there?

He nodded and smiled. He assured me it's quite a compelling read.

I may learn something, he added.

Whilst I'm sure it shall hardly be frightening, perhaps I too will read it - as a story about a man with the power of invisibility intrigues me. I've quite enjoyed yarns of vampires, wolfmen, Frankenstein monsters and such before, so a chap that cannot be seen should be at least as entertaining.

Yes, if Cantsworth says it is worth my while, then I shall read it. I have decided.

But first, I shall loosen my tie, relax, and have Rosco mix me a martini.

Then I will send him to the bookstore for a copy of that book. Ha, an invisible man, indeed - ha.

Now where in the he** is Rosco?

Rosco! Rosco, come here...fix me a cocktail! Then I need you to run an errand!

Rosco! Rosco!

Where in the he** is he? ... (SALVADORE BENSEN)

A.) If I was invisible, I’d be at school in the girls’ locker room.
B.) Me too, with my pants around my ankles.
C.) Sure hope the d**n Commies don’t bomb us.


Martini? Not a Chocolate Rothko?
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