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April 24, 2006


We just don't care for the guy, sorry
Hugh Grant is a Douchebag!
Larry King's kind of a douche, too

British actor Hugh Grant will be on the Larry King show tonight to talk about the long awaited release of his sex video Divine Brown Blew Me, now finally available on DVD at for only $19.95.

Along with the one-minute director’s cut of the blow job, the disc is sandwiched with extra footage of Grant cutting a deal with the whore (“I’m Hugh Grant, blow me – five dollars, take it or leave it.”) and the LA police beating him for bad acting (“I wasted good money on your films, you fuck.” "Yeah, you really suck, pal.").

Click here for a free bonus picture.

And don't forget this Friday, Grant stars as Stan Laurel to Danny DeVito's Oliver Hardy in Two Dudes for the Rodeo - a stunningly mediocre TNT original movie.

A.) I like the guy. Good actor.
B.) Yes, because you're high on crack.
A.) Remember when Hugh Grant was Mary Tyler Moore's boss?
B.) You're right. Damn, he was good in that.
A.) Hey, where's C?
B.) Hitting the pipe in the can. Here he comes...
C.) Wheee! Let's do the Hugh Grant piece. He's great.
A.) That's what I say.
B.) We're done. Gimme the stupid pipe.
C.) Wheee!


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