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April 10, 2006

U.S. Pork Producers Look Abroad to Increase Sales

Although pork futures recently hit their lowest point in over two years, experts are hopeful that increased exports of the "other white meat" to Japan and Mexico will help pork producers in the United States thrive.

The Japanese, who have shown a great appetite for prime beef, are being inundated with advertisements for American pork products and are finding more and more opportunities to sample the meat in their local supermarkets, where eager salespeople dressed in pig costumes are serving up the delicacy.

"We’re excited about the opportunities that exist in the export market", said one industry insider. Pork producers expect to be able to get "top dollar" for their choice cuts in Japan’s high end restaurant industry and are confident that they can sell "the scraps" to Mexico.

Pig snouts, feet, tails and ears are common ingredients in the stews of poorer Mexican communities.

The Pork Council has also unveiled a new marketing campaign that includes the slogan: "Pork...Yum Yum Eat It Up."

A.) Hmmm. I might like sushi if I could wrap bacon around it.
B.) Pork is good.
C.) My left arm is numb. And my chest hurts.


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