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April 26, 2006


the truth, man - like it or not...
Brando, DeNiro, Macdonald, Jagger?
Sir Mick signs on the dotted line with ABC

Originally thought to be mere internet stupidity – it’s been confirmed: Mick Jagger will star in an ABC pilot, working title: Let’s Rob Mick Jagger.

Written by long time Dave Letterman co-hort, Rob Burnett and writing partner Jon Beckerman, its story revolves around the janitor of a hot shit Manhattan high-rise where the Rolling Stones singer lives.

After witnessing Mick's pissing and moaning though he sits in the lap of luxury, the janitor decides then and there to rob the fucker.

Then all hell breaks loose as the zany tale unfolds ‘24’ style – hour by hour, each episode in 'real' time. Since Burnett is from the Letterman school of urbane wacky Manhattan-style comedy, the janitor and his posse of urbane wacky Manhattanites will plot, cajole, quip, kibbitz, schlep, and use whatever other other comedic devices it takes to get the job done.

If the show hits and there’s a second season, a new celebrity will be targeted and mugged.

The series was originally pitched as Let’s Rob Jeff Goldblum, but The Fly guy passed, so Burnett and crew went to plan B and brainstormed names till someone blurted out 'Mick Jagger!'

Whoa, good one.

That's out-of-the-box thinking.

They sent Sir Lips the script - long story short: Mick dug it, said yeah, and shot his scenes two weeks ago in New Zealand while on tour with the Stones.

No release date on the TV show yet.....(MUSTY SCRIBBLINS)

A.) Those Stones are amazing, aren't they?
B.) Yep, they really are the greatest rock band in the world.
C.) Fucking Mick AND Keith Fucking Richards in the same band.
A.) I'm not sure about this TV show, though.
B.) Me neither. As an actor, Jagger is a great singer.
C.) What the fuck - it's an easy payday.
A.) You got that right.
B.) Whew, look at the that - it's almost time to punch out.
C.) I saw old letter E leave ten minutes ago.
A.) We should leave early and buy some crack.
B.) Crack, crack, crack - that's all you think about.
C.) I've got my Stones CDs in the car, maybe A is right.
B.) (rubbing chin) Yeah, smoking crack does sound good.
A.) I'm going to call the wife, tell her I'll be home late.
C.) Me, too.
B.) Damn, I forgot - I have to watch my son play baseball tonight!!!
A.) Too bad. I heard the crackhouse got a shipment of really good crack.
C.) Yes, too bad. Well, I'll smoke a bowl for you.
B.) Damn. Well, a deal's a deal. I promised I'd go.
A.) Have fun watching b at the game - he's a good kid.
C.) If the game ends early, bring him to the crackhouse afterwards...
B.) Hey! There's an idea!
A.) Ha, there you go. That's what friends are for, ha.
C.) See you after the game. Wish b luck for us!
B.) You two are the best fucking letters in the world.
A.) I'm blushing.
C.) I'm tired - let's go to the crackhouse.


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